Our attention to quality service has made us an industry leader in academic tutoring. At Thrive Academics, the students always come first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations. We implement a rich threefold philosophy; invest, grow, and prosper.

We invest in our students, our students grow by putting what they learn into practice,
and when growth prospers, our students THRIVE!

We understand you have many options when it comes to hiring a tutor, and we are honored you are taking the time to learn more about our services. We can assure you that Thrive Academics not only helps our students conquer educational challenges, we help them THRIVE!


Voyage: Preparing for Life’s Adventure

Voyage is an online program that prepares students for life after high school. Voyage takes students through the stages of college and career planning while developing essential life skills needed for thriving in life.

The fully animated, web-based program offers dynamic lessons in five modules that will teach students personal development, career planning, college planning, financial responsibility, and everyday living.

Voyage is jam-packed with lessons that are fun, inspirational, innovative, and interactive. Every lesson delivers an animated teaching and incorporates life skills to help students mature for living a healthy and well-balanced life.

We offer exceptional customer support to help parents, teachers, and students navigate the course.


We are so excited you have decided to take this journey to prepare for the next stage of your life.